I'll tear your soul apart.

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elena gilbert in the streets, katherine pierce in the sheets.

I believe in magic. I believe in happiness. In things that you can't explain. Unbelievable, amazing, wonderful, and beautiful things. I believe in love. In taking chances. In walking that tightrope, in running through fire. Juggling all the things life throws at you. I'm a dreamer. I breathe. I believe. :)



I will defend Taylor Swift faster than myself

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Irene really wanted me to post this and she’s been begging me all day
So yesterday we were watching pretty little liars and we were in the middle of foreplay and I’m not gonna lie I was still paying attention to the show. Irene is whimpering in my ear and scratching my back and my dick hard and I look up and all I see is monas dead body in the trunk with her eyes wide open. I kid you not, I almost screamed and nearly lost my boner. Lol

my boyfriend made me cum three times right after i got off work and i slept for like five hours afterwards. 

i am blessed.

if any of you ever call Taylor Swift racist i will personally spit in your face.